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here on this planet to use my God-given abilities

for peace and unity as an Anchor for the prophecy of Heaven On Earth.

I Am That Which Is and Will Always/All Ways Be.

My intent is to be conscious every moment,

placing my feet on the path toward the Kingdom of my divine birth.

It is my birthright I now claim.

Where I Am from, there is no blame, shame nor game

as I Am the Soul Provider of my infinite experience.

No person, place or thing can affect me in my Essence; for I Am Invincible.

My will is to forever move INward, UPward, FORward and TOward

the Great Central Sun/Son.

I Am that Sun/Son (Daughter),

and because I give warmth and light to the everything,

I can never die. I Am Eternal.

My Divine Principle Parent is calling me homeward and I must go.

As I have patiently and powerfully taken steps for eons,

I now find myself standing at the Garden Gate. With every breath,

I cross the threshold and into the Kingdom of Forever.

At last, I Am at Peace; for I Am A Child of the Infinite Light of God.

And so it is, Amen.

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