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Center of Light Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping and empowering humans realize their value and self-worth that they can unconditionally offer to humanity. Since 2018 we have been teaching the unheard the power of spiritually positive and productive expression through broad and vast spiritual wisdom, healing through performing arts, improvisation, and meditation.

A non-profit organization founded and jointly run by Rev. Keith Anthony Blanchard, a spiritual teacher, healer and counsellor, of Memphis, TN and Rev. Dr. Katie Kamara, a psychologist, spiritual teacher and metaphysician, of Washington, D.C., who both are spiritually enlightened and deeply attuned to the needs and desires of many individuals all around the world.

The Center of Light Foundation exists to stand up against the spiritually repressed and oppressed, all the while offering people the tools and techniques needed to live in a more inclusive and spiritually aligned just and safe world. Using the tools of meditation, self-reflection, creative writing, visual arts, mentorship, spiritual counselling, service, education, and leadership training, all of which have been guided by Rev. Keith Anthony Blanchard and Rev. Dr. Katie Kamara, The Center of Light Foundation is able to accomplish our mission to help those rebuild their faith in themselves and in humanity and raise their self-esteem to live a life of fire, clarity and action.

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You are loved beyond measure!

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